Is there a strategy to work with the strengths and weaknesses in writing?

Sem dúvida que escolher o que escrever pode ser uma tarefa difícil. Mas vale listar aqui algumas maneiras que ajudam na tarefa de escolher o que escrever: Escolha o assunto que você é mais interessado. Escolha o que você é melhor na escrita. Escolha o que você é melhor em aprender. Escolha o que você é melhor em explicar. Escolha o que você vê os outros terem dificuldade.


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pontos fortes e fracos na escrita

V did you know that most of the time, people have strengths and weaknesses in writing? That is, there are items that should be taken into consideration at the time of writing, for they may act positively or negatively. For example, a strong sense of style,” can be handy if you want to create a literary style the only one. But, in the case of the people suffering from difficulties with writing, you have to think about it.

The strengths and weaknesses in your writing, it can be identified by means of a review of a more current perspective on assessment in the writing itself, since the author must take a critical look at your writing.

Thus, the strong and weak points, become identified and addressed in a way that's more realistic, and the not-so-light-hearted, as it is not uncommon for the author's tendency to cling to the text you're writing about.

To identify the strengths and weaknesses in the writing, and the author of you can work on them to improve them, if they want, or they want to use them in order to continue on to the other points that have been identified as critical.

No creativity without failure. Therefore, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses in writing so that the vulnerabilities can be fixed. As part of this effort, the author needs to identify what they can do, what it can do, and then consider your options.

How to do this in their writing skills, they become strengths

But what does it mean to know your strengths and weaknesses?

It's a good idea to know what your strengths and weaknesses so that you are able to take advantage of what you do well and improve what is not good.

It is important to make a plan to help you to develop your strengths and work on your weak points. Sometimes, it's a mindset shift that can assist you improve something that you should consider as well.

A few good activities that could be developed are:

  • Build a list of the words you know how to use it, but it can get rusty;
  • You can read the text aloud or out loud to someone else;
  • - Read writers of the professionals in search of inspiration;
  • Write every day, even if only as a re-creation.

Clothes make the person, as the saying goes. The skill of writing has to do with the ability to communicate the mind of a person, during the development of the skills book.

On the way, the way you can tell (or write) it is also an important factor to the extent that it becomes a method of treatment of a subject or a topic.

Most of the time, the writing begins with a count-in to search for content. The weak and strong points change from time to time, so it is important that you follow the progress of your writing.

How to transform your strengths and weaknesses in writing on the progress of ongoing improvement

The writing phase. So, by the time of the experiment, you will be spending more for a balance between the strong and weak points.

For example, you may have a limited vocabulary, but it is possible that your text has a strong lyric. But, perhaps, his strength is his ability to say, can be produced easily with a logical reasoning, and, consequently, to be able to put down on paper what is going on in your mind.

A way to transform your strong points in your writing strengths is writing the text in the area, which is a good thing. As well as in areas where you have problems, but it is a good plan to prepare for it.

They all have strong and weak points, such features can be useful in different contexts. After all, studies have shown that the development of cognitive skills is non-linear.

For example, you can use your logical skills to get you, even when you are not you are a born leader. On the other hand, their strengths, they can be hidden, and play roles that are more specific in your statements.

What do you do with those skills

It is empowering to have the knowledge of a skill, but to be able to write can be even more empowering.

There are many ways you can use it the skills that you have acquired the type to continue to get stronger. You can make a blog or write articles on any topic of your interest. You can bring your story, and the skills that you have acquired in your memories, and share them with the world.

Writing a book can be a little bit more work, but it might be worth it. First, you will need to decide what you want to write, as well as the gender of the subject.

One thing I learned in writing this is to try to find all the words in in the best way that I can.

There will be times when you say to yourself: “why am I not stayed for a little more in order to fix this sentence?”

The other thing to note is that the writing can be really emotionally draining at times.

It is not uncommon for the writer to write and it feels like you're getting frustrated with yourself or your ideas to life. So many times you can get him to give up on what you are trying to write at the moment. If this is the case, take a break and go back to the text later, and the mind is the freshest it can make all the difference. 

How to pick the one to write

There are so many topics that I could write, and there is only one way. As well as the subjects, and a number of different themes, there are so many different types of individuals, as well.

Some people want to write about serious subjects such as war, and the issues within their own country. Some of them will want to write on topics that are more fun, like relationships and food. Some people want to write about your story and what they went through, and some people want to write about what you hope to accomplish in the future.

Without a doubt, that you choose to write about can be a daunting task. But it is worth listing some of the ways that help you in your task of choosing the one that I wrote:

  1. Choose a topic that you're interested in.
  2. Choose the one that you're better at writing.
  3. Choose the one that you are best to learn.
  4. Choose the one that you are best to explain it.
  5. Choose the one that you see in all the others, they are faced with difficulties.

In the end, and you will be able to make in a way, the staff of the cast, the words on the screen in white and to build a long-awaited win for the player.

The best strategies you can use to work with their strengths and weaknesses in writing by trying either of these points, and find the happy medium for its expression. It is you, with you, with an eye on the other one. A nice exercise is to get out of their own to see how well the reader can relate to the text.

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