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To writing it is an art that first of all. Express what you mean to reality with some beads, it requires a lot. Thus, questions such as: Why do you write? How to write about? What to write about? When you're writing? Where do you write? – you can make an urgent!

Writing is a job that requires you to type in creativity do-it-yourself, but you also need to have a little bit of planning.

The writers need to plan out what they are writing about, as well as a plan for where you will be able to your money.

This is certainly true when we speak of the individual writers who are writing books, poems, or short stories, and also, for those of you who work in the media such as television, film, and including also, in the movie theater.

In addition, we also include valuable tips for anyone who wants to get started working with the writing, since it is an activity that attracts the attention of many as well as to engage them.

Great tips for the beginner, you can include the following:

  • The use of any technique in creative writing;
  • Write as much as you can;
  • Invest in the courses and events, and training;
  • You have the discipline;
  • Writing about a topic you like;

But it is one thing to write, another is to write back. However, this is a very important activity because it is a part of the activity of the writer/editor. And it also has the logic and the steps to translate your text in a way that is clear, objective, and functional.

For example, to rewrite a story for a blog or a column in the news. A “first-hand” is to put your ideas in a direct and to the point, but it must be a “second-hand” (or more depending on the text, to the end of the text, it is ready for publication.

A blog can be a start for those who want to write

There isn't a recipe for success. You can try to make your product or service stand out, or you can try to make your guests feel special. You can also be a volunteer The Non-Profit Sector and you can also have your name or the name of your company, it is a little strange, because it is a sucker the pillars of the establishment of the entrepreneurresulting in a satisfactory products, which translates into satisfied customers. But regardless of the path you choose, you will need to have a solid strategy and plan, not only to the success of any desired type, but to construct a path to more suited for professional growth.

In this sense, in a blog, it can be a good choice for many of the writers who like to write about. This is because blogs are easy to set up, and in some cases, not cost involved, there is. The system is WordPress this is an example of an open-source technology that is accessible to everyone.

Blogs are a great way to share your writing with the world. If you want to make your high-quality content in a niche or segment, creating an authority, it will be a good choice, since they roll up their sleeves to do it.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that blogging is very easy to find on the Internet and, in particular, with the use of the snippets smart it may increase the clicks on your links.

Choose from themes that are nice to create a blog about this is just a small part of the project, but it's still interesting to pursue in this area. This is, in fact, is part of the job of a copywriter, you're always in search for keyword marketing strategies for writing engaging and compelling

There are disadvantages as well, as in the case of the blog is to take a bit of time and effort in order to produce high-quality content, and that you have relevance to the user with respect to any subject or topic may be of interest. Therefore, to become more professional in that field, it requires a writer to reach the break-even point in the production of content. This is how to establish a foundation on which to find that balance. This scale can be used show de marketing onlinea professional can perform a variety of tasks to increase productivity in a business, or a website. 

In the world of content production in Brazil, the critical point is based on five main points:

  1. The quality of the material produced.
  2. The focus of the material that is being produced.
  3. The quality of the writing, the material is produced.
  4. The proper use of the language.
  5. For the fair presentation of the material that is being produced.

Activity write a blog it requires, therefore, a sum of knowledge, intercambiantes that, in the long run it is important for good results.

In the field of personal discovery, I can tell you that you can learn a lot writing about writing. This is a blog that is built on this point. 

What is certain is that it has been a way for me to improve the skills of writing and correcting my mistakes. No, that's not most of the comet (who am I?), but the trust and confidence has increased to the point of being able to share with others what I learn by writing. Without fear of making a mistake, I can tell you that writing is an experience that's completely free of charge. The work cannot be compensated for by the continuous learning of the subjects, and the subjects of future articles, and, at the end of the day, does the stock records.  

Worth to add that in addition to this, the motivational component of the written word. This is the most I words of motivationthe more I feel the desire to pass them within the scope of my work as a copywriter, and writer. The motive of this work.

However, it must be said that the writing of a partnership does not stop at the ideas, and the development of useful content to the thread, or your business, but it also means that get to know the techniques of optimization, such as, for example, a simple words for transition in SEO and what can you do for a SEO campaign to succeed. 

In addition the optimization for the search, SEO (On-Page), is to assist the search engines in the delivery of relevant sites in the results for your search.

This is a set of techniques that has been used for many years, and it's a more effective strategy for link building is old.

However, many businesses still don't know whether or not they are using the optimization for the search for the optimization of your site.

We have to bear in mind that the goal of SEO is to bring your page to the top of the search engines, as well as to improve the introduction of the fees, please click on their website or blog.

Best Writing

The Essence Of Creative

  • There is always linear in creative writing. When the Blog came up on the internet, you may not be able to predict what your life would be so large, and in fact, it would be nice to compile the short text, which could be composed of a digital book.


  • The Lettering and Creative was born out of the literary activity of the author, Philip Brown, who wrote in a variety of formats. This year, the idea was to launch the first of a small e-book with some of the texts, which date back to the beginning of a personal blog of the author, and which might, in some degree, to give you an idea of the “heart creative”, which involves the author in his writings.

The fear of the blank sheet of paper

It is necessary to consider one important point when it's the subject matter that is written in the fear of the blank sheet of paper.

The truth is that it's like a rite of passage, which affects each and every writer on the level of the development of literature in nearly all of the lines of the written word.

The clue to escape from this subtle trap to keep in mind is that the entire block creative you can be kicked to the accordance with the will of the writer.

But how can I do this?

One tactic that has worked with me for quite a while, and was talking with a friend who also writes. This has helped to ease the anxiety that the self-lock'd make a point to bring it in.

However, there is a knowledge of what has come to be known for a certain type of lock, from the point of view of Psychology:

The block is an instant, your brain goes away. This is the part of your brain just shuts down on you and your ideas to life. But, just so you know, the lock is not the only concept of cognitive, with which we are dealing. There is also a blockage in the emotional, which is also a state of mind that prevents you from developing an idea. The output of the block is generally discouraged. It is also a state of mind or feeling.

This can be a problem, but even with all of that if you reflect on it.

Science provides some encouragement in this area, which apparently is some kind of lock that turns out to be more lingering. 

The neuro-linguistic Programming to boost the power of the written it has been tested, and it is a good example of a solid knowledge of what works in the direction of the efficacy of a report on the writing, while providing techniques and attention to what we think of during the activity of writing.  

But one must also consider that writing is a process, in which the soul has fully engaged in the action.

Here you can operate the write from the soul it is a process in which you write down, without judgement. This is a exercise that promotes self-reflection, as you think about your life, and the lives of others and for the world as a whole. We are already looking beyond the frontiers of NLP, as it gained a soul, actually. We, our minds, and we are a force in the direction of come to an end. And it is to be where you are, the writer is said to have in the mind as a company, as a strong and positive! It needs a strong ally in the challenge to write.

In fact, we all have to find a writing from the soul, the text is written on the inside of each and every one of us. Not everyone in the world has a habit of reading this writing), but she is always right there, your story, your truth. At times, the writing is made up of the words. The other signals. A few of the things of the world, it can make the reader feel so full, so alive and happy to be reading a book for the soul.

Even in reading, there are books that empower a person to seek to understand and talk about, well, experience. It has a name: the marriage. 

In fact, seek to understand and learn how to speak eloquently attitudes are pro-active and allow you to change the level of the individual. It is a process of seeking knowledge of the books that make it easier to understand the question, so the person can then move to the condition of a write, and speak fluently.    

Click on the picture to read, and earn prizes!

Vencendo na Quebrada, de Felipe Moreno This is the story of a young girl from the favela, which will improve your behaviour after you go through experiences that will by checking its path on the hunt for a place in the sun.

To be persuasive, is also the craft of writing

The text is persuasive uses a variety of methods of persuasion. His goal is to prove that the idea is correct.
To this end, methods are used which include the following:

  1. rationale: in order to justify an argument with logical reasoning;
  2. as an analogy, a comparison of the two different scenarios to show that the two events share the similarities and differences, as well, to draw conclusions;
  3. the rhetoric that is used to communicate in a compelling way. The word comes from the Greek, and it means to show the strength and superiority of his hands. Hence, rhetoric is the art and science of displaying intelligence and shiny.

No tipo de texto persuasivo, o autor usa técnicas como explicação de fatos, estatísticas e apelo emocional para apresentar o argumento de um texto convincente.

Text is compelling to serve as a medium of communication in order to convince the reader to accept or reject a particular opinion. And this brings us to the understanding of the 7 kinds of the purpose of communication it is in the context of the communication as a whole. 

The aim of the author is to get the reader to accept his argument in order to convince you of what has been said. But it is important to note that persuasion has to do with the rapid understanding. We were able to be more persuasive when we have a good understanding of what you're trying to convey, sell, advertise, etc.

Hence, in developing these high-quality induction has to do with the mind, and it has a close relationship with reading. Why reading is essential in your life? Why is it important to understand all the things that we have first, and then you can make use of the knowledge learned. This is the order of nature, and, when applied in practice, it is possible for the person to pick up a good result. 

The person and his or her writing

The good thing with the activity of writing is that if you will discover ways to explore writing.

The most common way to explore the writing start with what you are feeling in the moment. 

You can write about what you are doing, thinking, and giving perhaps the letters and words to your feelings, in order to invest a little bit of you, in the things that may be bothering you. And in the process, it is possible to see, there is a the relationship between thought and language. It is not possible to think without words, words without a voice, the subject or the object.

It surrounds the language. It is clear that the most parents will agree that children who read, they seem to develop greater proficiency in the language earlier than that. Their vocabulary skills are improved, they learn to understand the text better. In this way, as you grow older, reading stimulates their imagination, and develops the skills of critical thinking. in this way, it increases the the odds to succeed in school and in life.

Writing is a way of expressing our feelings, our emotions, etc. The writing is a work of the imagination that we can mold to our liking. It doesn't matter if you're a good or a bad thing, just try it!

Art can be defined as the expression of a man by means of a process which involves the creation of works, capable to cause an emotion, or an impression on their recipients.

Therefore, the art is a journey into your inner artist. Who knows, that through it you will be able to transmit a message, which have a large load is moving. Even if the means of the exhibition, there are many, art is a great way to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

As a result, an individual can obtain the skills to write, making it so that there is more to the natural building the habit of writing without using too much force.

In the matter of to share thoughts with others often it is at the end of the interest of the author, it may be that you want to talk to you a little bit about a subject, and then weave in your opinion, is most to be an expression of yourself to the world, is a person of flesh and blood, and is sensitive to the harshness of the world.

In the line of the share, not just in your company moderna, which is a person and has a lot of talent to be successful. In the field of writing, one of the top talent is to be one author autopublicado. For this reason there is a "digital book" the cost of which is much lower than that of the production of a physical book. It's to write on and then let the software assist in the production of their work.

The writer's work and their activities

Writing professionally, it is the desire of many who find themselves in the word, is a way to express their creativity and imagination. In fact, it's safe to say that the adage that imagination is more important than knowledge has a great deal of weight when it comes to professional writing, even in activities such as investigative journalistwho needs to have the potential to show the reality of the situation is, and help people understand what's going on without giving up your ability to tell a story.

For example, the the script of the film this is an instrument made out of the words, description, details of the camera notes on the other, and the dialogue of the characters.

A circle of film is used to organize a narrative to establish-the-scenes of the story, the words in the dialogue, and the moments musicaux, and the behavior of the characters in each scene.

The writer is the person responsible for writing the screenplay. The difference between the writer and the writer, for example, is that the writer focuses on what's going to happen in the following, describe what the camera sees, and the writer has a vested interest in developing the dramatic situation that is primarily.

Of course, the screenplay of the film is different from other types of writing, books, the theater, or even a tv or a radio, and there are a few points that are worth noting:

  1. (A) the main ideas of the story; and (B) is a plot of the principal, which is the sequence of ideas in the main (C) for a background, where the characters will be inserted at the end of the live, their fate in the story.
  2. The script should be very well designed as the inside of the timeline of events, and that can be done on the basis of an ordered list of events, many of which are based on the events leading up to, and often not even known to the public, but that's part of the premise of the story and the characters. It can also be a part of the early life of one or the other major character in the story.
I've been using it so much in the literature the film does not do without the focus on storytellingwhich focuses on the narrative-within-a-point-of-view, and is chosen by the author of the story the main character, for example. The symbols for the understanding of the factors that shape the assembly of a narrative that is affected. So they help a lot and by which we are able to recognize the characters in your selection, as well as the various energies in the course of a story. There may be a Icarus, and he's on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world. 
He remembered something like it?

Perhaps Oedipus, a character in the drama who had killed his father, not knowing that his father was a Greek hero who is haunted by a landing impossible. She has a destiny that has already been foreshadowed by an oracle.

But the writer you can be ghost-writerthat is , for a writer, the ghost who gives the credit to someone else?
Yes, in fact, that a writer does is it sort of, that is to say, she writes the stories for the other professionals, and its role is restricted to the initiator of a project that may or may not be successful in the end as a project.

The vast areas in which to work, a writer, or a writer, taking into consideration the circumstances of the speech.

The script of the humor, there is also another form of professional type. Good stand-up don't want to give up a script, well, the concatenated with the series, silence, tone, etc. Or write your jokes are funny the following is a roadmap to a well-defined, with clear goals, which range from an extension of the framework to the specific parts of content is humor.

So, therefore, you'll find a wide range of writers go through all the ramifications of their gift, with a spoken word, such as, for example, those who write booksdownloads, scripts, audio-visual material, as well as those that contribute to newspapers and web sites, and / or working in advertising agencies.

Writers, independent they have been shown to be very active in the publishing business. We can see when we are dedicated to writing new stories, and when you are active, take care of your marketing, and how you talk about your writing. When these writers are beginning or end of a book, maintaining a blog is a great way to promote your book. This is a reality for many who are in self-publishing is a way to remain competitive and up to date on the means of digital technology. To do so, a great option is to Amazon e-books – it provides an intuitive platform for independent authors. 

Fiction writers are fond of new challenges, and are always tuned to a good dramatic situation, or to look for a potential conflict, which could lead to the characters fatum. You can experience locks that along the way, but the open-minded this is the most effective way to escape from them.

The romance, for example, is found in the sagas of family, the inspiration to develop the storyline is long and marked by time. You can count on a story throughout the ages, and it is usually told in the first person, with only brief references to the other characters.

They are works of its kind that includes both the situations and romantic tension so as to appeal to the emotions of the readers. 

For the purpose, in areas such as realistically, a gothic and modernist have revesado in the last few centuries, showing the various types of writers, the your choices and biases in the development of his major works of fiction.

The is a story that needs to be fascinating and remarkablethat may not be easy, because there is a need to develop frames that lead up to the others, and so on and so forth.

It is interesting to note that there are biographies of notable personalities and all of which hold the interest of the readers are hungry for inspiration

But getting back to the basics of the story, it is important to have a good balance of the main character, the hero, the villain, in a way that the the story is naturally realized as a film that is highly recommended to have a happy ending. It can be love stories with a happy endinglike the audience, the reader will usually like them. But it's important to emphasize on the importance of the stories that teach values – the moral of the story

From a practical point of view, it is necessary to set a date for the completion of your novel with a realistic schedule, including breaks, to stand back, and relax. 

But we have to bear in mind is that there are jobs for writers who require writing on the subject is unknown

This is a common issue in a lot of activities in the area, as it is well-known, but there are cases where it is necessary for strategies to be carried out by the successful given the job of writing a story.  


A: yes, in a blog, the content is optimized for SEO, you go on the internet.

Your soul is in charge of the action

Inspired by the world

- Fernando Pessoa he wrote: “to write well is a key to write to the soul”.

Write it with a soul it tends to be a process, rewarding, and transformative in the sense that the writer, if it makes you vulnerable to being exposed to others, and being true to yourself.

It means being open to the world and let the world go. It means to bring something to share a piece of yourself, a story, a reflection, a poem, a personal touch, and so on and so forth. 

It is more or less the same as in turn, in the words of the flame in your heart

On the real, it is essential to write with their hearts. you write as if you were alone. You have to avoid to create a sentence that makes no sense and that don't lead anywhere. Thus, you will be able to get the channels that will lead you to your own way of expression. It is important to be clear, and share what you're thinking or expressing your ideas to life.

A good example of type with a soul, it's music that you need to write out the lyrics of the song and the melody is as equilibrasse the structure of the beats of his heart. 

The word is what? 

I think we all know the answer to this question. 're born, you live, in the sense winding. Or even a representative. How to writing Katakanathe japanese, that could represent foreign words that have been adopted into the japanese language. 

Your password is too many things. It's the same with writing from the soul. The word is used in many different contexts. It can also be used as a verb in a sentence, and it can often also be used as a noun. It is also used as an imperative. You can start with a sentence that will be the moral of the story.  

But, why do we write? 

It is not a simple question. There are so many options, people are allowed to write things that bothered you, others may want to send a message to the political, social, or religious beliefs. There are also people who write professionally, and it's here perhaps that the correct answer to “who wrote this?” and we're going to take samples of the profiles of all sorts.

Certain it is that stories to write don't miss, you can you can start at the tip of your shoe and you go up in the description of a different character, one who knows the one person who would you like to be one day in my imagination. It may be that what we might call the the findings in writingwhen a new flow of ideas that come from a place of unsuspecting comes to you. 

But the fact is that the stories you write are not lacking. The challenge will always be released to all of us who love to the word that goes in and it crosses all the boundaries of the well-known

The truth is, if you don't have a good learning experience in the school, it is much more difficult to create good readers and writers. During infancy and early childhood, the mind is clean, crystal-clear, but to learn how to read and write, it is not an easy task, because the child can learn playing it many times. So much truth in that games that encourage to read, and writing they are used as complements of one's own teaching literacy in school. 

What we do know is that your training will come through to provide conditions for effective and democratizadas all of the world's children, not only to the more affluent families who have the privilege of having the best conditions for you to give to your kids during their education.

For the writing, it is essential to life

It is inevitable to recognize the power of the written word, but behind it all-the spoken word is editor-in-chief. Certainly, he or she can write to convey a message, information, teaching, novels, etc.

Writing is essential in life because you are beings of the language. It is the language with which we communicate what we feel, think and desire. But not all, of course you have the desire to write, or if you feel uncomfortable with it. 

It is certainly in the minority that you type in the world, according to the statistics. A search-there are millions of writers in the world, and that's only 900 thousand, have their own production, as set out in the books. When we counted the number of people who write a book every year, there are 16 million. It can be said that this is the reality.

Each and every person has the talent to be a writer, but the problem is that so few of us are going to carry forward this purpose by the “n / a” reasons why not to come to the event in this article.

But it is essential in order to broaden the horizons with my own imagination, and the idea that you make up in your mind, and it can even be catárticas.

It also is worth noting that the is there a strategy to work with the strengths and weaknesses in writingso what you write is an ongoing process which will be rising levels of quality when it comes to the various aspects of keeping to the script.

When it comes to quality, there are lots of things that need to be considered. In fact, few things are more important than others. 

What do people want to know is, how good your work is, it is written – how fluent are you in the language, such as grammar, if it holds up, and how the structure of the phrases are to the sound, etc, etc. 

They also want to know how you present your work. The writing is sloppy and hard to read? Or is it more of a clean and organized? Do you use more or less to the score? 

There are more issues that arguably as important, but there are those that will ask, " how easy is it to understand what it is you're trying to say, or if you are plagiarizing or not, or what kind of research did you do. All of this is the complexity of it makes it to the office with a daunting challenge.

Another challenge is to put it on the scale to expand the horizons and in writing. One example of a more contemporary, is the Artificial intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and whose ramifications are already being felt in different fields of human knowledge. 

Thus, the robo-authors, have been the subject of experiments and testing in the literature, which makes it powerful is the question - – The ai in this game you can improve it in the literature? 

Yes or no, it doesn't matter when you believe that artificial intelligence is here to stay in many of the areas which are considered as “just a human”. But it was in the search and in the search for solutions to the most diverse, the AI has been shown to be more efficient. Up to date information through various channels, that is trusted, that travels in the opposite direction of the “fake news”, such as, for example, the Google Newshe gives us a dimension that we already have available, and where we are heading when it comes to intelligence, human and artificial). 

Lettering and creative go further

The truth is that when it comes to the lyrics and the words of giving directions to what you write, the more you know, I don't know much of anything.

For example, a WEBSITE. This means System Optimization in the English language, and that is more-or-less then translated into our vernacular, we would say it was a optimization of an article or a post on the search engine. This optimization can be considered a key issue of when you think of building a online audience. Searching on the internet is a crucial factor for this is, of course, combined with the other strategies.  

There is a writing for SEO as well, since, in addition to Copywriting writing a blog), it is necessary to apply some SEO techniques that you can use the following to the search engine to find them by means of their robots that go through the WEB site.

So, before you start writing it is recommended to think of the keywords for the text, because it is through them that the search engines will rank your web sites and blogs on the internet, in accordance with the specific metrics, and, of these, the relevance of. 

But it doesn't stop there, as there is a further, more in particular on the information architecture, UX and visual design User Experience or User Experience), which show that the structure of the information to allow access to an organized, dynamic, and in an objective manner, for the purpose that it was created. 

Information technologytherefore, it is defined as any device, software, or in any way to facilitate the obtaining, storage, use, or disclosure of information. It is used in digital communication, where the message information is sent and received, stored, and processed on computers and their devices are equipped with information technology, such as televisions, cell phones, tv households, among others.

In the case of a the blog content and the visibility of it is important that if you type in SEO and in every article so that the internet search engines to understand the information that is being transmitted, and so on, so that's sort of the article, on the basis of their significance, and, still more, in terms of what it offers in terms of user experience.

Of course, there is a technique involved in these sorts of things, but a lot has to do with creativity. Many of the times we have think out of the box to get something new, even if the subject or the object of the text is to be beaten. But it always is a challenge for the mind to get out of the comfort zone of one's own thoughts, and to meet other visions of the same theme or subject.

Therefore, it is important to increase your creativity, and is one of the ways to to stimulate that part so essential to the individual, that is the the art of the coloring and lettering, creative

The activity of changing the colors for the type, or color of letters is a fun activity that can be done, for work, for education, for entertainment, or to represent the different feelings as well.

And, if you're talking about lettering and creative, we can't forget the letters, calligraphic, which is part of what is referred to as a typography creative -.

Printing has had a recent increase in the popularity with a wide variety of sources in a creative way.

Creative sources may be the text font and the letters seem to be in the long term.

Lettering And Creative it is also the name of our company and the project. The inspiration came from the fact that in keeping with the focus on the freedom of the literary inspiration that formed in the universe of language in creative ways. 

The motivation for writing this is a daily exercise. You need the discipline, willpower, and commitment. This is a work in which the craft is to build castles, which if they remain steadfast in their purpose: to be the place of our dwelling inventive and imaginative.   

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